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Monday, 17 December 2012

What is GOTG?

Get Outta The Gang (GOTG) is an organisation which advocates on behalf of young people who are directly or indirectly affected by gang related issues in areas of London where gang culture is not seen as substantial.


Raise awareness in London boroughs (where gang culture is not as substantial as in other areas of London) of the effects that gang culture can have on young people both directly and indirectly.

Highlight the reasons & lifestyle choices which lead young people to become involved in gang related issues; challenging the common misconceptions and stereotypes.

Create a support network which will guide individuals who are actively involved in gang culture. Through a workshop scheme these young people will have the opportunity to develop the skills to reason and make lifestyle choices as well as consider their future prospects in depth for example: university & career choices.

Target young people who are at risk of becoming involved in gang related issues in the future and create a scheme of prevention workshops to enable them to develop some key skills which will help them to deal with any future problems they encounter in this respect.

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